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What to do in the Basque Country?

Le Bord de Mer campsite is an ideal starting point for exploring the Basque Country. After giving you our tips for enjoying Saint-Jean-de-Luz and our Erromardie district, here is what to see or do in the Basque Country!

The Basque Country, its beaches and its corniche

The Basque coast is famous for its cliffs, beaches and waves which attract many vacationers during the summer period. What could be better than a stay in the southwest of France, as close as possible to the Atlantic Ocean and discovering the Basque culture? Our answer is: nothing!

Biarritz and Bidart, surf cities

Further north of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, where our Le Bord de Mer campsite is located, stretch the famous surf towns: Bidart and Biarritz.

In Bidart, you can enjoy the typical Basque village or the various beaches in the city. From the beach of the Royal Pavilion to that of the Uhabia, the choice of laying your towel on the sand is vast.

Better known, Biarritz is an obligatory passage in the Basque Country to discover its coast with the famous Rocher de la Vierge, its aquarium, its halls and its many shops. Renowned for surfing, the waves crash into Biarritz from Ilbarritz beach to the lighthouse that marks the border with Anglet.

The corniche between Socoa and Hendaye (coastal path)

The Corniche road between Socoa and Hendaye overlooks the cliffs that flow into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a must-see in the Basque Country, as is the coastal path that follows the corniche road as close as possible to the cliffs.

The more adventurous will even be able to challenge themselves to completely link the coastal path from Bidart to San Sébastien. Better yet, you can directly from Le Bord de Mer campsite, the coastal path passes through Saint-Jean-de-Luz, and return by train when you want to turn around.

Nautical activities

The proximity of the campsite to the ocean makes it possible to experience a good number of nautical activities. Erromardie Beach is a great place for snorkeling and spearfishing with its rocky bottom that will delight divers.

When the elements match, there are beautiful waves rolling on the Basque coast and especially in Erromardie. 300m from your Le Bord de Mer campsite, you will find a surf school (Artha Surf Club) which will be happy to help you discover the joys of skiing or help you improve your skills.

The charm of the Basque hinterland

The Basque Country, a small piece of land interwoven between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic Ocean, fascinates with the beauty and diversity of its landscapes. From the sunny coasts to the green hinterland, it is good to walk on the small country roads.

The essential villages of the Basque Country

Attached to their traditions, the small Basque villages are not lacking in charm and character. Local flavors are the richness of this part of the South-West: Espelette peppers, Itxassou black cherry, Ossau-Iraty cheese, Irouléguy wine, etc.

Espelette, Aïnhoa, Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, Sare, Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle, Ciboure,… so many villages which offer holidaymakers a glimpse of the values ​​of the Basque Country, its culture and its way of life.

You will discover the beautiful pediments which are used to play Basque pelota or chisterra, the small bars where Basque cider and wines are served, the land and sea dishes according to your desires and the singing accent of the South-West which animates the streets.


A huge field of hiking and outdoor activities

There is surfing, fishing, jogging along the ocean … but not only!

Enjoy the beautiful hikes offered by the Basque Country with the most famous but also the closest to Saint-Jean-de-Luz: La Rhune! Easily spotted with its antenna at the top, La Rhune is easy to access and will offer you a breathtaking view of the entire coast and the Pyrenees. The departure is from Ascain, Sare or Olhette for walkers or from the Saint-Ignace pass for those who wish to go up by little train!

The relief of the Basque Country offers a superb playground for sportsmen: cycling, walking, climbing, paragliding, etc. Everyone will find something to have fun and enjoy the natural spaces that surround Le Bord de Mer.


Basque gastronomy and savoir-vivre

The Basque Country and we like to share these flavors with holidaymakers visiting us. Everyone will find their sweet spot: beef axoa, Basque pâté, grilled squid, fresh peach, Basque chicken, taloa, tapas and pinxos, …

Local spirits are also the charm of the place: local wines, patxaran, izarra, Basque cider, local beers can be tasted in many bars and restaurants to accompany your dishes.

The Basque Country is a land of undeniable charm where you will always be warmly welcome.